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An Exclusive Feature of Cogir Residences

Three Main Service Categories
to Meet your Needs

Our experts
offer solutions

Personalized home support; to relieve loneliness or following a hospitalization or illness.

One hundred percent in-home car maintenance service; tire changes, storage, tire sales and general mechanics.

Alteration, repair and tailoring services for clothing and home accessories.

Moving or relocation in residence, packing and unpacking, as well as furniture storage.

Complete interior and exterior washing services, as well as home waxing and polishing services.

Cleaning services at your doorstep! Laundry, cleaning and pressing of clothes. Cleaning of carpets, curtains, bedspreads, etc.

Products, adaptive equipment, mobility assistance

Nail polish application, relaxation, massage and skin care.

Face, hand and foot care, eyebrow and chin waxing.

Hair cutting, styling, dyeing and shaving.

On-demand service, offerings may vary depending on the residence.

Our experts
offer relief

In-home hearing care, hearing aid repair, in-home hearing screening clinic, hearing aid cleaning, battery replacement.

Complete visual examination in residence, sale, adjustment and repair of frames. Delivery of glasses in residence.

Preventive services offering – a screening clinic, teeth and denture cleaning, oral health assessment (cheeks and gums), oral disease screening.

Manufacture, fitting and final setting of dentures, delivery to the residence.

Variety of test including urine tests, blood tests, vaccinations, as well as ear cleaning.

Consultation with a pharmacist for blood pressure, blood sugar, medical or general health questions, questions about previously prescribed medication.

Interview with a doctor and a resident, during which the doctor questions and examines the patient in order to diagnose a disease and prescribe treatment. Home consultation with a doctor outside RAMQ. Evaluation of physical or mental health, health assessment, hormone therapy, minor surgery, infiltration, minor emergencies.

Nursing care in podiatry to assess overall foot health, provide foot care, advice and follow-up.

Relaxation massage, therapeutic massage, anti-stress massage, prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal pain

A manual approach, the objective of which is to restore the functionality of the structures and systems of the human body. A complete and overall evaluation allows for the investigation of the cause of neuro-musculoskeletal, visceral and cranial dysfunctions.

The physiotherapist can help with physical health problems affecting the neurological, musculoskeletal or cardiorespiratory systems, such as chronic or acute pain, balance problems, fall prevention, loss of mobility, injuries or maintenance of independence.

Specialist in human relations to support or provide accompanimenty at the time of a death, to reduce the feeling of isolation, individual or small group discussions at home or at the residence.

Personalized exercise program, adapted to the needs and environment of each individual. Personalized supervision or group activity.

Helps a person maintain their autonomy in their living environment, either during the performance of activities of daily living and household tasks, work, and/or leisure, taking into account the psychosocial and environmental factors present.

Our experts
advise you

Consult one of our tax experts in order to benefit from all the tax credits and deductions to which you are entitled.

To be well accompanied during the sale of your property and avoid unpleasant surprises, consult one of our real estate brokers.

For a dream layout, the creation of a new decor or for some decorating advice, call on our design specialist.

Computer troubleshooting and training. Demystifying technology.

The notary’s duty is to protect and to advise you on all matters relating to wills, protection mandates or the settlement of an estate.

A pre-arranged contract offers you the guarantee of obtaining the rites and burial that you have chosen when the time comes. Do not hesitate to meet with a counsellor to assist you in being prepared.

Operation of the
Multi-Service Centre

  • Call the residence’s Multi-Service Centre.
  • Indicate the desired service and the desired time slot.
  • The Multi-Service staff will confirm your appointment and inform you of the rates.

Are you a professional who
wishes to offer your services ?


Each professional is carefully selected to meet the needs and requirements of our clients.

Everything is verified: accreditation, professional and civil liability insurance, and a Canada-wide criminal record.

This process guarantees quality services. We want our residents to feel confident and safe.

If you are interested in joining the COGIR Multi-Service Center network of partners, simply complete the form.

asked questions

These services are intended for residents and their family members who wish to receive services in the comfort of their home.

You have to pay for the services, just as if you were going to an outpatient consultation. The advantage is that you get the service at home for the same price.

Some health services may be covered by the RAMQ or reimbursed by insurance companies. Receipts are issued by the professional.

In person, by phone or email, with the person in charge of the Multi-Service Centre at your residence, or online through the appointment platform… (to be developed when the platform is available)

Depending on the service used, consultations can last between 30 and 90 minutes.

Services are offered at the Multi-Service Centre in your residence. They can also be offered in the comfort of your apartment, as needed.

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